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Concerns with indoor air quality are on the rise. Homeowners in Shelby County are looking for affordable, effective, and sustainable solutions to achieve a cleaner and healthier living space. Where portable options fail to measure up, whole-home innovations excel. While our competitors scramble to catch up with the latest developments, Carden Heating & Cooling, Inc. serves as a pioneer.

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As a family-owned business built around reliable HVAC services, Carden Heating & Cooling, Inc. has championed proactive air quality strategies for 23 years. We’ve seen the consequences of airborne contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, and particles. We’ve also proven the significant improvement provided by a proactive defense.

For all your indoor air quality needs, call the Carden Heating & Cooling, Inc. team!

We strongly encourage you to reach out to us at (205) 669-2459. Our NATE-certified technicians are extremely knowledgeable and always welcome your inquiries. We offer options such as whole-house dehumidifiers, UV lights, Reme Halo air purifiers, CleanEffects air filters, iWave-R air purification, and more to meet specific challenges. Setting ourselves apart in the very best ways, Carden Heating & Cooling, Inc. continues a stellar reputation backed by satisfied customers across Calera, Alabaster, Pelham, Columbiana, Chelsea, Helena and Hoover, AL.

When we talk about air pollution, we’re almost always talking about the air we breathe outside of the home. But the quality of air inside your home could be just as much of a culprit in causing health problems; it’s known as indoor air pollution. Your heating and air conditioning unit and other airflow equipment in your home contribute greatly to the quality of air inside your home, the air your family breathes on a daily basis. Every time you cook, light a fire in your fireplace, use household cleaning sprays, or otherwise introduce new substances into the air in your home, you’re contributing to the overall air quality of the house, and you want to make sure these odors and substances are neutralized quickly and safely. At Carden Heating and Cooling, our experienced HVAC technicians provide tailored solutions to your indoor air quality problems so your family can breathe easier.


According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality (IAQ) is the air quality in and around your home in relation to how it affects anyone who might occupy it. Poor indoor air quality has immediate negative effects, like itchy or irritated eyes and headache, as well as long-term negative effects, like heart disease, cancer, and certain respiratory diseases. There is a multitude of problems that plague IAQ, and one of the most common is inadequate ventilation. When your heating and cooling systems are not properly and efficiently ventilating your home, any contaminants that exist in the space can build up inside the system creating a high concentration of particles that you don’t want to be circulating. Think about it – when you’re outside, the wind moves the air around frequently, and there are virtually no limits to where the particulates floating on the wind can go. Inside your home, this isn’t the case. This is most common in the winter months but can happen year-round.

Also, airborne pollutants like dust, insulation particulates, common allergens, and even mold can be hard to detect. You may have recently had problems with water damage, or moved to an older home, and you just don’t know how quality the air is that you and your family are breathing. That’s why we provide indoor air quality service, to bring you peace of mind by identifying and eliminating what could eventually cause respiratory issues like asthma or just inhibit your ability to enjoy your home.


Over the years, builders have begun building homes “tighter” in an effort to conserve energy. Building homes “tighter” or air-tight means they’re better sealed to the outside elements, and by doing this, homes are better equipped to keep cold air out in the winter and hot air out in the summer. While this helps homes and buildings meet codes and keeps energy bills down, the low ventilation creates other problems.

It’s called “tight house syndrome” or sick building syndrome. Because all the air anyone breathes in these structures is recirculated and never mixed with outdoor air, it creates a stale, dirty breathing environment that can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, headache, difficulty in wearing contact lenses, and other ailments. And you’ve experienced this before – it’s the same reason you step outside for some fresh air.

Airtight construction of homes is just one factor that contributes to IAQ. Even if your home has better ventilation, you could still have indoor allergens and irritants circulating that are proven to contribute to asthma attacks and other health issues.



Even the EPA suggests that you routinely inspect, seal, and replace your ductwork regularly. A leaky duct system can quickly cause indoor air quality to decline, and clogged ducts can cause utility bills to soar. Our experienced technicians have the expertise and industry knowledge to diagnose duct problems and ensure a tailored solution for your family and your home. And while we don’t clean ducts, we do seal, mastic, and replace leaking ductwork. Take the first step to improving IAQand eliminating indoor air pollution. Check out our duct sealing and replacement services.


In relation to residential indoor air quality testing, one of the best ways to improve bad indoor air is to clean and replace your system’s air filters at least every 3 months. In addition to this regular maintenance for your heating and air conditioning unit, you should partner with a trusted HVAC contractor that provides preventative maintenance services. This not only ensures the safety of your home when it comes to indoor air, but it can also save you money in the long run. With Carden, we offer 15 percent off service repairs, charge no overtime or weekend fees, and one free service call per year with repair for our preventative maintenance services. Ask us about these services.


For all of Shelby County and Birmingham, AL, we can provide tailored air quality services to meet your home’s unique needs. We are experts when it comes to your home’s heating and air conditioning system, ductwork, and all related equipment. Let us help you rid your space of the effects of mold, allergens, and air pollutants. Contact us today to get started.

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They were lifesavers in the midst of one of the hottest days of the summer. Very detailed in helping me understand the issue and rapidly resolving it. Kyle was great! Thanks Carden Heating & Cooling!

Ralph Ervin

We have used Carden Heating & Cooling for 20 years. They do regular maintenance on our personal units as well as all our new home installs with our construction company. When my mom’s old dinosaur finally died (after they patched it for years) I called & they came! They were out the next day with a new unit & had her up & running. Their customer service is 2nd to none. From Sara & Amanda in the office to Simon & each of their highly trained technicians, thank you for a job well done!

Janice Seale

Carden is a great company, they have been doing the maintenance on our 2 units and are always very communicative and on time. They also did a duct test, duct repairs and installed a ductless HVAC unit and we couldn’t be happier with their results and the service. I highly recommend them!

Will Eddleman

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