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How often should I replace my filter?

The best rule of thumb is to check your filter monthly. We recommend checking it when you pay your power bill. If you can see dirt on the filter, it needs to be replaced. Filters catch tiny particles of dust, so by the time you can see them on the filter, the filter is stopped up.

What is the best temperature to set my thermostat on?

We recommend setting your thermostat on whatever temperature is comfortable to you. Some people leave their thermostat set at 72° and never touch it. Others run it up or down as much as 5° when they are away from home. Setting your thermostat higher in the summer or lower in the winter can save money on your electric bill, but if you choose to do it, make sure you have a programmable thermostat so you can have your home nice and cool/warm when you get home.

What should I do first if my A/C isn’t working?

If your central heating & cooling system isn’t working, your first step is to see if air is coming out of the vents. Next, see if your outdoor unit is running. Lastly, check your breakers to make sure they are on. Once you’ve checked these things, call Carden Heating & Cooling and set up a same day service call!

What does it mean if my thermostat is blank?

If your thermostat is blank it means that you’ve lost 24 volt power to the thermostat. There are several reasons this could have happened. A clogged drain or a blown fuse are the most common. Best practice is to call a licensed HVAC contractor like Carden Heating & Cooling. We’ll diagnose the problem and fix it on the spot.

How often should I have my system cleaned?

Twice per year and start as soon as you can afford it. KEEPING a system clean is much easier than getting a system clean. Yearly maintenance keeps evaporator coils and condenser coils clean which in turn allows compressors and motors to be properly cooled. Ask about our yearly maintenance plan. It will save you money on operating cost and could add years to the life of your system.

What are some simple things I can do to make my system last longer?

Regular maintenance is the best thing for system performance and longevity. Keeping overgrown shrubs and/or weeds cut back from outdoor units and making sure your filter is changed regularly are system savers too!

Does the quality of my HVAC installation affect the longevity of my system?

Absolutely! There are industry standards that are considered “Best Practices”. These best practices should always be used when installing a new HVAC system. Some of them are – brazing with nitrogen, replacing or cleaning existing line sets, 10 min standing nitrogen leak test, and vacuums pulled below 500 microns. Our factory trained NATE Certified techs always go above & beyond industry standards.

Customer Reviews

Our customers speak for us

They were lifesavers in the midst of one of the hottest days of the summer. Very detailed in helping me understand the issue and rapidly resolving it. Kyle was great! Thanks Carden Heating & Cooling!

Ralph Ervin

Carden is a great company, they have been doing the maintenance on our 2 units and are always very communicative and on time. They also did a duct test, duct repairs and installed a ductless HVAC unit and we couldn’t be happier with their results and the service. I highly recommend them!

Will Eddleman

We have used Carden Heating & Cooling for 20 years. They do regular maintenance on our personal units as well as all our new home installs with our construction company. When my mom’s old dinosaur finally died (after they patched it for years) I called & they came! They were out the next day with a new unit & had her up & running. Their customer service is 2nd to none. From Sara & Amanda in the office to Simon & each of their highly trained technicians, thank you for a job well done!

Janice Seale

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